Asphalt Company Google Ads Case Study

Google Ads paves the way for asphalt


Asphalt paving is a competitive business, and generating quality asphalt leads from Google is no easy task. One of our agency clients reached out to us to discuss an asphalt contractor they were working with who needed more leads. It wasn’t lead volume, specifically, the contractor was struggling with; rather, lead quality had been the issue. The client had run ads in the past but was primarily getting very small jobs. He wanted the larger projects.

Working closely with our agency partner, we developed a strategy that included a very targeted approach to Google Ads utilizing carefully crafted ad copy to help mitigate smaller project inquiries. Additionally, we advised on landing page copy to better attract larger projects. After a few months, the client began landing larger contracts and had to add more staff to his business.

Challenge :

  • Generating quality leads from digital ads had been challenging.
  • There had been a high average cost / lead.
  • Client was struggling to keep his business afloat.

Our Solution :

  • We created tight ad groups with a robust negative keyword list to filter out unwanted clicks.
  • Our team added a layer of demographic targeting to help filter in larger project inquiries.
  • Our specialists focused on zip codes that were more population dense and had a higher income demographic.

The Outcome :

  • The client began landing larger projects within a few months.
  • Within six months, the client added a second crew to his business and purchased additional machinery to handle the growth.

Google Ads Case Study

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