Immigration Attorney Google Ads Case Study

Law firm gets more cases from Google Ads


One of our agency partners asked us to help an immigration attorney-client of theirs. The attorney had been in practice for over 30 years, and had a respectable, well-known practice, but needed a more steady lead flow. He had been running ads on a few legal-related sites, but the results were subpar. We recommended Google Ads.

Due to some health challenges, this client only ran ads for 8 months, however, during those 8 months, the client reported regular phone calls and clients from his Google Ads. The results below compare the last 4 months of his campaign to the first 4 months.

Challenge :

  • Referral business was no longer sufficient.
  • 3rd party legal sites weren’t driving a sufficient number of leads.
  • Poor visibility on search.
  • Staff attorneys were struggling to maintain a fulltime case load.

Our Solution :

  • Local search campaign was created to drive visibility for high-intent searches.
  • Campaign was restructured and optimized for conversions.
  • We utilized a narrow list of keywords with exact match type.
  • Landing page recommendations were presented to maximize CRO.

Campaign Results :

  • Leads increased 33%.
  • Phone calls increased 44%.
  • Average cost / lead dropped 39%.
  • Conversion rate increased 2.81%.

Google Ads Case Study

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