Injury Attorney Google Ads Case Study

Law firm builds up med mal cases from Google


Legal-related ads on Google are fiercely competitive and running an effective Google Ads campaign for a law firm requires an entire team of seasoned PPC professionals. This is exactly the need one of our agency clients had. A law firm was referred to them, and their need was familiar: they needed more quality leads from their Google campaign.

After meeting with our agency client and the law firm, we got busy creating a new Google Ads strategy for them. Within 6 months, the client nearly tripled their monthly budget, and their number of medical malpractice cases more than doubled.

Challenge :

  • Google Ads was driving leads, but not enough clients.
  • Client had a very limited geo-focus.
  • Our team had limited time to prove campaign ROI.

Our Solution :

  • Our specialists Implemented call tracking with call recording to get an in-depth understanding of where lead quality could be improved.
  • We completely overhauled the Google Ads campaign, utilizing conversion objectives and very specific demographic and geographic targeting. 
  • Our team worked with the client to develop new landing pages designed for lead capture.

Campaign Results :

  • Medical Malpractice case load doubled within six months. 
  • Search and YouTube both proved to be great channels for lead generation.
  • Leads were captured for as low as $30.

Google Ads Case Study

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