Restaurant Chain Google Ads Case Study

Restaurant chain ramps up online catering orders

Food & Beverage

We began working with a local restaurant chain to help them drive online catering orders for their various locations. Up until this point, they drove much of their business from walk-ins, but Covid forced them to innovate and promote online catering orders more heavily.


We ran a Google Ads campaign for each of their restaurant locations with highly targeted search phrases, tight geo-fencing, and compelling ad copy. We measured conversions as people who clicked on various buttons throughout their site to initiate an online catering order. The campaign ran for approximately one year.

Campaign Results :

  • The client spent less than $19,000 over the entire duration of the campaign which allowed the ads to be shown nearly 50,000 times on Google.
  • The campaign was focused on conversions, and nearly 1 out of every 4 website visitors converted! Out of 3,915 website visitors, 1,042 initiated on online catering order. 
  • The client was very pleased, and we ran subsequent campaigns for them focused on holiday catering. 

Google Ads Case Study

  • Regional Restaurant Chain

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